A splitting line runs through Triodos Bank’s commercial ‘’We are made for change’’ . The split structure of the image shows there is a mismatch inside the human being, as well as between humanity and nature.

The commercial points to the possibility of closing this gap through creativity. On the one hand, all the different faces (and races) can be combined, via collage, into new identities. On the other hand, we can find ways to recognize that humanity and nature aren’t separate. We belong to nature just as much as she belongs to us. This results in some beautiful, surreal collages. A woman’s eyes can be flowers, and a swarm of butterflies can become a banker’s body.

NEVI’s commercial about sustainability remakes Freud’s iceberg into a split collage. The suggestion is that the true mother Earth has been repressed by the rational. The ego is like a barren rock, infertile and desolate. The commercial plays with the possibilities of the split screen. If you extend one side of the screen, a gymnast can turn into a panther. The movement of an ecological windmill can be likened to dancing. There are creative forces in nature that speak through human creativity.

Moby and Steve Cutts recently made a delightful remake of the 1990s anthem ‘’Why does my heart feel so bad?’’ Splitting is inherent to the design of the video. On the one hand, we have the drab world of the everyday. An animator records his visions in a dairy. We see humans fighting over toilet paper, and industry exploiting the natural world. Then the animator’s hand intervenes. Suddenly nature regains color, and repression is lifted. To sustain the world means to animate it.